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GemCave Token is one part of a large ecosystem of crypto products that all link and utilize GemCave Token! For more details on the individual products, visit the websites by clicking the logos below.

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Our Roadmap

The growth of GemCave is powered by all our products you see above. We are constantly adding new features, utility and partnerships to grow the reach and functionality of GemCave Token.

  • The Conception

    Planning, preperation, presale and deployment.

    • Smart contract development completed using Solidity and the latest libraries
    • Gemcave on-chain NFT technology research and development completed
    • Contract deployed on Binance Smart Chain network
    • First round investor funding completed
    • LP Locked
    • Initial 16% Supply Burn
    • Marketing campaign banner ads designed for PooCoin, Twitter and Reddit
  • The Launch

    GemCave Token is released to the public with a bang!

    • Full KYC completed as well as over 10 smart contract scanner and audits giving us a green pass!
    • GemCave Token open for public trading and instantly hits 1000 holders.
    • First NFT series (GemCave DIG) released using our On-chain NFT Technology (all 5000 minted within 3 weeks)
    • Launch of our first free to play game - Scratch Card
    • Started Telegram community action - Duck Race lovestream games bring in new holders.
    • NFT and token marketing campaigns running on PooCoin, 4chan, DexTools.
  • The First Expansion

    With an establishing holder base, we started dropping more custom utilities.

    • Second game released, free for holders - Spin The Wheel.
    • Development of custom swap platform released - GemCave Swap
    • GemCave tokens can now be staked in our new unique on-chain staking platform - GemCave Stake
    • Established partnership with large BSC projects for collaboration and promotion.
    • New animated banner ads designed and promoted on major PPC networks.
  • Establishing Products

    Becoming a name known for bespoke blockchain tech - GemCave continues to deliver.

    • Fully 3D arcade game that implements GemCave Dig NFTs released - Claw Machine.
    • New GemCave Gaming Dashboard released to tie all our games and prizes together into 1 utility.
    • Second GemCave NFT series is developed and released after months of planning - GemCave Avatar
    • Major media outlet news articles are written and sent for publishing online.
    • Another banner ad campaign coupled with AMAs and Twitter live brings GemCave holders to 2000.
  • Showing Flexibility & Strength

    The market changes and we adapt to stay strong and relevant.

    • Tokenomics simplified and taxes are slashed by over 50% to a new permanent low rate.
    • First custom accessory addon for GemCave Avatar NFT is released and sold out
    • Brand new major GemCave website design showcashing our full utility and product range.
    • GemCave Staking v2 released - new staking products, new rewards and much higher returns for holders.
    • GemCave Listing v2 website redesign - new competitive style voting mechanism brings partnership projects in.
  • Expanding Deep Growth

    Established as a crypto product, service and tech supplier we will expand further to gain new holders.

    • Mainstream level banner marketing campaign approved and deployed.
    • GemCave will get it's first CEX listing, going CEX public for the first time.
    • Listing agency cleared for CMC and CoinGecko listing to go live.
    • Development and release of 4th GemCave game - Duck Racing
    • 5000 holder milestone
  • Mainstream Adoption

    With a completed catalog of powerful custom crypto products, we are ready for huge adoption.

    • Mainstream CEX listing.
    • GemCave NFT staking product released.
    • Published mainstream media article published about our groundbreaking NFT technology.
    • The 50 Mill Grill - Once we hit $50m market cap there will be a live BBQ event for holders.
    • 10000 holder milestone

Token Taxes

GemCave Token has a clear and simple tax structure to ensure market stability and to fund marketing and further development of features within the GemCave platform.

Buy Tax

1% Instant Burn
2% Marketing & Development
2% Liquidity Pool Fund

Sell Tax

1% Instant Burn
2% Marketing & Development
2% Liquidity Pool Fund

Transfer Tax

1% Instant Burn
2% Marketing & Development
2% Liquidity Pool Fund

The GemCave Whitepaper

Get more information on the vision and goals of GemCave via our whitepaper.

Whitepaper PDF

GemCave on

You can find more in-depth articles about our approach and what our new technology and products offer in the articles on our Medium account.

GemCave Medium

Token Distribution

GemCave Token has a clear and simple tax structure to ensure market stability and to fund marketing and further development of features within the GemCave platform.

Initial Supply Distribution

40 trillion (40% of total supply) GEMS locked into PCS LP.
31 trillion (31% of total supply) GEMS distributed to private sale buyers.
4 trillion (4% of total supply) GEMS stored in project owner wallets.
25 trillion (25% of total supply) GEMS have been burnt.

Liquidity Pool

We have locked 35BNB into the PancakeSwap liquidity pool along with 40 trillion GEMS (40% of total supply) using a verified locker.

Staking Pools

Currently 5.5 trillion (5.5% of total supply) GEMS are currently locked into GemCave Staking options. These GEMS are locked in the GemSave Stake Holds Wallet.
To payout rewards for our staking products, we have allocated 2 trillion (2% of total supply) tokens to a dedicated reward wallet locked for staking rewards only.

Burn Events

Awaiting Burn - 4.5 trillion (4.5% of total supply) GEMS awaiting burn