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Our Products

The products you see below are all part of our tech ecosystem. Games, tokenomics, staking, NFTs and even more! We licence our tech to other projects for partnership opportunities.

What are GemCave Token NFTs?

A huge part of our unique usecase is our groundbreaking NFT platform

Did you know that most NFTs minted have already gone offline? Most NFTs require external hosting being maintained and paid for otherwise the NFT data is lost forever. This external NFT data can easily be modified or deleted at any time, meaning your NFTs are not as safe as you may think.

There are midway attempts that use IPFS but this does not verify the integrity of your NFT data in line with the blockchain, nor does it promise forever storage.

We have solved all these issues and created an entirely on chain NFT that generates and renders artwork on chain and stores all the NFT metadata and image data on chain, forever.


How are GemCave Token NFTs different?

Our NFTs last forever on the blockchain

You must own and pay some GemCave Tokens to mint. Then we store 100% of NFT data encoded in Base64 on the Binance Smart Chain. Our NFT smart contract also verifiably generates your NFT randomly on-chain, meaning the rarity of variations is contractually proveable! Since our NFTs use SVG images, they can be resized to as large as you want without loss of quality.

Our NFTs are fully BEP-721 compliant, so they can be stored and sold in any approved NFT marketplace or wallet.

GemCave NFT Collection #1 is here!

Token Information

GemCave Token has a clear and simple tax structure to ensure market stability and to fund marketing and further development of features within the GemCave Token platform.


Total Supply
100,000,000,000,000 (100%)
40,000,000,000,000 (40%)
Burn/Staking Reward Supply
25,000,000,000,000 (25%)
Private Sale
31,000,000,000,000 (31%)
Dev Wallet
4,000,000,000,000 (4%)
Initial Liquidity Supply
35BNB (Locked for 1 year rolling)
πŸ”— locker

GemCave Token Taxes

0% Buy Tax
22% Sell Tax
14% Marketing & Development
4% LP
3% Staking Rewards
1% Instant Burn
12% Transfer Tax
5% Marketing & Development
4% LP
3% Staking Rewards

Whitepaper v4 - Updated April 2022

Our values, vision, methods and skills are detailed in our whitepaper.
Whitepaper PDF

Medium Article

Check our our article with a great writeup of the GemCave Token project. Article


βœ… GemCave Token Contract Development
βœ… NFT Contract Development
βœ… GemCave Token Website Launch
βœ… dApp game #1
βœ… dApp game #2
βœ… Marketing and social media campaigns
βœ… NFT #1 Collection Launch
βœ… 3D in-browser dApp game #3
βœ… VenoMCalls AMA
βœ… CeasarsCalls AMA
βœ… GemSwap interface
βœ… GemCave Listing Website v3 Upgrade
βœ… GemCave Staking Platform
⏳ NFT #2 Collection Launch
⏳ Game #4 Release (Gem Duck Racers)
⏳ ...far from over

The Team

We are a UK based team who specialize in marketing, development, smart contracts and project management.

UK Core Team

Gragas - North UK based project coordinator and CEO director.
Gem Caver - South UK based social media coordinator and ad executive.
Gem Dev - North UK based solidity, app and web developer.
Neon - Midlands based graphic designer and illustrator for ads, games and NFT visuals.

Worldwide Marketing Team

We have a team of over 10 associated specialists from all over the world who are active in promotions, marketing and social media promotion of GemCave.